Mike Marshall

Brazil Duets

Adventure Music

In more of a World Beat than Jazz CD, Bay Area mandolin/guitar master Mike Marshall offers a series of duets with a diverse array of musicians. From banjo to sax, the guests on the CD enter into a wonderful interplay with Marshall as they explore Brazilian instrumental music styles. The CD has seventeen tracks, including three bonus cuts, so there's lots of variety and unique musical pairings.

The guest artists include Andy Narell on piano (not his usual steel drums); Michael Manring, electric bass; Andy Connell, sax; Edgar Meyer, bass; Kaila Flexer, violin; Bela Fleck, banjo; Jackie Rago, cuatro (a small four-stringed guitar); and Jovino Santos Neto, piano.

Although the tunes might be unfamiliar to American listeners, the CD booklet gives a full description of each song, including information on the musical style, history, and great little stories.

The date is a wonderful look at the type of Brazilian music little heard in traditional Jazz settings.

By Michael Handler