Mpinto - Kenny StahlKenny Stahl
Carmel Jazz Recordings, CJR 610
CD cover photo by Haybert K. Houston of Jazz Now Magazine

Kenny Stahl, alto and bass flutes, tenor saxophone; Murray Low and Weber Iago, pianists; Stan Poplin, bass; Paul Van Wageningen and Eddie Marshall, drums; with Jenny Bifano, violin and Linda Mehrabien, cello on "Fantasy on Amazing Grace". The rhythmic concept in these contrasting Kenny Stahl groups is on such an advanced level that an uninterrupted stream of marvelous ideas is assured. The presence of Mssrs. Marshall and Van Wageningen on any recording is a seal of quality, and their respective contributions facilitate invention of the highest order. There's arguably no finer interpretation of Miles Davis' "Nardis" on record, and the boldly unconventional rhythmic patterns of the title track are masterfully executed by the leader. And Iago's "Fantasy on Amazing Grace" reveals Stahl at his most sensitive and eloquent.

Mpingo is the work of a mature artist, and is exemplary in every detail. Highly recommended.

by James D. Armstrong,Jr.