John Hart

Scenes from a Song

Hep Jazz

John Hart, guitar, acoustic guitar; Bill Moring, bass; Tim Horner, drums, percussion

Nice coincidence. The CD arrived and within a couple of days I'm listening to John Hart with the Maria Schneider Orchestra at Salzburg's Festspielhaus. One has the feeling that younger guitarists would be well advised to listen to John Hart. Like many of the musicians of his generation, Hart has exemplary technique, and that is no bad thing when you also have what appears to be a wide inner world encompassing a variety of feeling. Hart's music ranges from the wildly funky to the lyrical. He offers Standards and what is ostensibly pop (from Joni Mitchell), Ellington and a fine selection of his own compositions. He contributed much of the solo dynamics to Maria Schneider's swathes of sound, and on this trio CD he does the same with an intimacy that is obvious in a smaller setting.

Very highly recommended. This is a man who may well redefine the guitar landscape of the future.

by Lawrence Brazier

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