Joanie Pallatto and King Fleming

The King And I

Southport/Sparrow Sound Design

Joanie Pallatto, vocals; King Fleming, piano; Clifford Griffin, acoustic bass; Bill Cochran, drums; Von Freeman, tenor saxophone; Bobby Lewis, flugelhorn and trumpet; Rich Fudoli, flute and soprano saxophone

To this reviewer the strength of this record is in Fleming and Pallatto's collaboration in writing. There are some pretty, and swinging, tunes here and the lady renders them with obvious care and affection. The musicians present give themselves to the material with due respect. That glorious old up-stager Von Freeman doesn't roar much, but the warmth of his tenor is a great asset. King Fleming's piano lends atmosphere and Joanie Pallatto's voice seems to improve as she goes along. Ooooo, Those Blues is a highpoint and the album grows on the listener. Again, the strength is in the writing.

byLawrence Brazier

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