Terry Henry Trio in Crockett, California

In the midst of today's highly publicized Jazz festivals, one should not overlook the fact that smaller venues also offer outstanding musical fare. A case in point is the San Francisco Bay Area-based Terry Henry Trio, which performs regularly at the Valona Deli in Crockett, California. Adjacent to the deli's bar and dining area, an ornate Chickering concert grand piano sits on a stage. This is the home of the Terry Henry Trio, an advanced group that specializes in straight-ahead Jazz, which features multi-instrumentalist Henry on piano, Bill Fouty on bass, and Bill Moody on drums. Readers may be aware that Moody wrote a column for Jazz Now and writes the Jazz mysteries featuring Evan Horne. The group was in top form at their early November performance. The standards "Lullaby of the Leaves" and "Cry Me a River" were given inspired interpretations by an expanded group that included guitarist Tom Mason, violinist Bob Joslin, and soprano saxophonist Mike Moss. This was a wonderful treat for straight-ahead Jazz fans.

by Haybert K. Houston

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