Cathi Walkup

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Flying Weasel

Cathi Walkup, vocals; Brad Buethe, guitar; David Udolf, piano; John Wütala, bass; Jim Zimmerman, drums; Dmitri Matheny, flugelhorn

Here are mostly unusual, offbeat songs; the sort of stuff that lyricists use for telling unusual, offbeat stories. Like Dorough, Frishberg and Blossom Dearie, Ms Walkup has mastered the lilt to enable her to tilt at this rich tapestry we are pleased to call life. The lady's voice is of the intimate variety and of an obvious Jazz pedigree ­ she works so well with the musicians, all of which perform delightfully, with not a little hip inspiration of their own. She sounds a bit like Anita O'Day, here and there, with that laconic, throwaway casualness that tells of one who has learned the meaning and usefulness of laughing at life. On the other hand, "This Time The Dreams On Me" reminds pretty obviously of an earlier Annie Ross. This is a CD that will stay with your reviewer for a long time, simply because Ms Walkup shows a kind of "inner" essence that seems so utterly hip, so very much a Jazz thing. Other than a flight on "Anthroplogy" the lady is not one who bops 'til she drops. Recommended as a "personal" favourite.

by LawrenceBrazier

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