Elly Wright and Allen Smith, and The Erwin Schmidt Trio


Wright Record

Elly Wright, vocals; Allen Smith, trumpet; Erwin Schmidt, piano; Joschi Schneeberger, bass; Walther Grossrubatscher, drums

Here she is, the Queen of Wien (Vienna to the rest of us). The lady has been around a while and she has sung with a great many visiting Americans, even going so far as to marry one of them - the now sadly passed alto and flute player, Leo Wright. The up-tempo numbers are given with an easy going sense of leisure, the "love" songs, however, are where Miss Elly comes into her own. Naturally, San Francisco's very own Allen Smith contributes throughout as a guy who knows the book and every ballad backwards. Erwin Schmidt plays a whole bunch of piano and probably gets called more than most when the stars hit town. Joschi Schneeberger on bass and Walther Grossrubatscher on drums are the guys that get called with Erwin - which all adds up to Vienna's house rhythm section. We are offered an interesting selection of material, some of which Ms Wright has written herself. The guys in the band are sympathetic to the lady and they really do get the chance to swing on occasion. Our favorite: "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most." To get your copy, E-mail Elly at: ellywright@everyday.com

by Lawrence Brazier

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