Harvie S& eye contact

New Beginning

Harvie S, acoustic bass; Bruce Arnold, guitar; Daniel Kelly, piano; Renato Thomas, percussion; Adam Weber, drums; Gregor Huebner, violin, Michael Brecker, tenor sax; Haru Takauchi, guitar; Ray Vega, trumpet.

Harvie S. used to be Harvie Swartz, but got fed up with giving people black looks because they insisted on spelling it "Schwarz". Harvie offers us nine tracks on this CD, of which he has written eight. Afro-Cuban rhythms are strongly prominent; "En La Batalla" is a good example, some strong piano playing here from Daniel Kelly. These tracks will appeal to those who like interesting rhythmic variation and intelligent arrangements. "Luna Romantica" has a gentle, classical opening with a persuasive but quietly driving pulse; the stringed instruments give a good account of themselves, and for the first time a horn enters; guest Ray Vega on trumpet; a good slow number this. There are many different Jazz directions to be heard in this music; certainly the Latin rhythm is prominent throughout. A worthwhile CD; going out with some relish on the last track, "Mothership."

by Ferdinand Maylin

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