John Santos and the Machete ensemble

S.F. Bay

Machete Records M201

Orestes Vilató, timbales; John Calloway, piano, flute; Wayne Wallace, trombone; Melecio Magdaluyo, saxophones; Ron Stallings, tenor saxophone; Paul Van Wageningen, drum set; David Belove, bass; Murray Low, piano; Orlando Torriente, vocal, coro; John Santos, congas, chékere, coro, guiro, percussions; and a long list of special guest

John Santos is one of the most respected Latin players on the scene today. The man can not only put together some of the best Latin music you could ever want to hear, as testified in this twelve track CD, but he is a composer, historian, he teaches and lectures. Of the twelve tracks, Santos either composed, arranged or colaborated on nine of them. This you certainly want to add to your collection.

by Haybert K. Houston

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