Gilad Barkan


New Step Music NSM03102

Gilad Barkan, piano; Dan Greenspan, bass; Harvey Wirht, drums

This is a debut album for Boston-based pianist Gilad Barkan; seven of the eleven tracks are his own, the other four are standards. He starts off with "Paul's Groove", demonstrating immediately a light melodic touch and nuanced with harmonically emphasized creativity, scampering music played with joyful flare; Dan Greenspan on bass and Harvey Wirht on drums pick and mix with equal brightness. The James Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn number, "All My Tomorrows", has Gilad in a sensitive, sensuous mood, Dan Greenspan's bass easing in for a while to engage the piano in conversation. "Amaravati Devi Is Getting Married" is another Gilad piece that moves along joyfully, Gilad's music has a happy feel to it with an extra added spice of guile. His treatment of Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance", and Bill Evans's "Waltz For Debby" is an even greater indication. Duke Ellington's "Caravan" is a cross-rhythmic tour de force (he had to practice for two weeks to get it right). Gilad has a wholesome touch and a lighthearted spirited feel to his playing, he is an uplifting, accomplished pianist with a good backing duo. An excellent CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

New Sounds - December 2003/January 2004 CD Reviews