Jeremy Pelt

Close To My Heart

MAXJAZZ horn series MXJ 403

Jeremy Pelt, trumpet and flugelhorn; Mulgrew Miller, piano; Peter Washington, bass; Lewis Nash, drums; Meg Okura, violin; Joyce Hammann, violin; Ron Lawrence, viola; Dave Egger, cello; David O'Rourke, guitar

Backed by a stellar rhythm section consisting of Mulgrew Miller, Peter Washington and Lewis Nash, plus a string quartet and the guitar of David O'Rourke, the assured and confident trumpet playing of Jeremy Pelt shines triumphantly. Working over Charlie Mingus's "Weird Nightmare" with a well-placed slickness shows him to be a technically gifted player with a beautiful sound. Taking to the flugelhorn on Jimmy Rowles's "502 Blues (Drinkin' & Drivin')", he displays some wistful playing, with complimentary piano work from Mulgrew Miller. "All My Life", a thickly orchestrated piece has Pelt soaring in full flight over graceful strings; all the string arranging done by David O'Rourke, Pelt arranged all the rest. Like all good trumpet players, Pelt exudes power, authority and control, with the impression that there is always plenty more in the tank if needed. His playing is sensitive and capable of instant mood change; "Why Try To Change Me Now?" has Pelt's flugelhorn in a reflective, tingly mood over his rhythm section and lush strings; then finally rounding the set off beautifully with Frank Loesser's "In Your Eyes". A very good CD, indeed.

by Ferdinand Maylin

New Sounds - December 2003/January 2004 CD Reviews