Pat Metheny

Speaking of Now Live

DVD EE 19023


Pat Metheny, guitar; Lyle Mays, keyboards; Steve Rodby, acoustic bass, cello; Richard Bono, vocals, percussion, guitar, bass; Cuong Vu, trumpet, vocals; and Antonio Sanchez, drums

This 135 minute DVD was recently recorded live in Japan and the stage setting is dark but highlights the performers beautifully. There are a total of fifteen tunes that magnificently showcase the Pat Metheny Group.

The tune "Insensatez (How Insensitive)," is tastefully executed by the band and Metheny's interpretation is lovely. Another wonderful rendering is on the tune "The Gathering Sky" which opens with Richard Bono on guitar. On the ballad "You,î" Bono's soft lyrics are exquisite with Cuong Vu's trumpet defining the melody and ending with a solo by Metheny.

Metheny's rhythmic and harmonic sensibility are enrapturing and he is a master of this style of improvising modern sounds which fuse the elements of Jazz in all its diversity.

This is a marvelous DVD and what a joy it is to enjoy an uncommon performance up close and personal in the comfort of one's living room. Pat Metheny fans will undoubtedly revel in this splendid performance.

by Dorothy L. Hill

New Sounds - December 2003/January 2004 CD Reviews