Dear Haybert:

I got this great good news last night from Billy Pierce at Berklee School of Music in Boston on the results of their tribute to James Williams! I haven't received any figures from William Paterson University yet. I'll write Dr. Demsey today. Several tell me they got thank you notes from the Wm. Paterson "alumni association" rather than the memorial scholarship fund. If you were one of those and haven't told me, please let me know so I can ask Dr. Demsey to look into it ASAP.


John Tibbetts

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Hi John,

The final total from our concert was $8100. There are a few more expenses but nothing more than four hundred. The college has already funded a scholarship for $5000 a semester and/or $10,000 a year. We did it. God bless everyone involved in this and most especially, god bless James Edward Williams.

Billy Pierce

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