Ricardo Silveira

Luiz Avellar


Play the Music of Milton Nascimento

Ricardo Silveira, acoustic guitar; Luiz Avellar, acoustic piano; Robertinho Silva, percussion.

Adventure Music AM 10142

Guitarist Ricardo Silveira and pianist Luiz Avellar play the music of Brazilian super-star vocalist Milton Nasimento; a long standing colleague and employer of theirs. Recorded live at Tearo Do Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, they open with "Para Lennon E McCartney" (For Lennon and McCartney), demonstrating a complimentary fusing with each other coupled to a rich and graceful style. "Maria, Maria" and "Nuvem Cigana" (Gypsy Cloud) shows how they can play for each other, in "Travessia" a guitar solo, Ricardo's playing is so tasteful and polite there is a chance that you might nod off, and the following piano solo "Saudade Dos Avioes Da Panair (Conversando No Bar)" (work that one out for yourself) mirrors the playing of the previous piece, though there is a perking up towards the end with a friskier style. "Vera Cruz" has the first entry of percussion to help add some background color, "Fe Cega, Faca Amolada" (Blind Faith, Sharp Knife) continues to lift the urgency and pace; a good number this one, "Cravo E Canela" (Cinnamon and Clove) is another exciting track and the nearly twelve-minute piece "Cor De Rosa" (The Color Pink) finishes the set. Their playing ranges from the wistfully artistic, to a fair cut of the rug; they are both clean, well-mannered musicians and are capable of lifting the spirits with ease.

by Ferdinand Maylin