The Sheryl Bailey 3

Bull's Eye!

PureMusic Records PMR21403

Sheryl Bailey, guitar; Gary Versace, Hammond B3; and Ian Froman, drums

This CD was recorded at Berklee College of Music with the help of a grant from them. Sheryl Bailey composed the collection of nine Jazz bop-influenced instrumentals.

The music has a well-polished feel, spare and lean with just the trio. Bailey's delectable guitar style throughout is supple and inventive. On "Old And Young Blues," Gary Versace's solo on Hammond B-3 is a well-paced workout which gives this laid-back tune a punch. "Elvin People" has tasty Jazz phrasing by Bailey and subtle drumming by Ian Froman. "Swamp Thang" has Froman delightfully vamping on drums behind Bailey's guitar and Versace on organ. "Two Brothers" starts off with a haunting melody and, according to the liner notes, was inspired by the ghost silhouettes of the twin towers and Bailey's exploration of timbre and melody on this is innovative. The title cut, "Bull's Eye," is a colorful weaving which stands out for its collective improvisation by the trio.

This CD is like fine wine, full and rich with good acidity!

by Dorothy L. Hill