University of Kentucky Ensemble

Self - Contained

Sea Breeze SBV 4559

Miles Osland, director, flute, saxophones; Rudy Brannon, Brad Gable, Chris Strange, Chris Barbee, Ken Snow, Doug Drewek, reeds; T J Tesh, John Tuck, Matt Keys, Tracy Brooks, Dan Trammel, trumpet; Brad Kerns, Lee Allan, Valerie Evans, Clint Woltering, Seth Vatt, trombone; Matt Duncan, piano; Kevin Kehrberg, bass; Rob Rawlings, drums; James Landrum, percussion; Guests: Dr. Scott Wright, clarinet; Mark Clodfelter, trumpet; Raleigh Dailey, piano.

Mama Llama Samba, Back in the Sack Jack, A Sideward Glance, Take That!, La Camorra, Michelangelo, Mumuki, Tres Minutos Con Realidad, Libertango, Bill, The Snake was on his way to a Gig, Two Seconds to Midnight, Gone,Gone from my Life, Tholian Web (75.16)

Yet another riotous big band with an enthusiastic leader, Miles Osland, who has clearly worked hard to shape these students into a stylish aggregation.

Various musicians in the ensemble provide the "meat" in their Jazz recipe - the rhythm section of Duncan, Kehrberg and Rawlings swing "like crazy", the brass team led by Tesh and Kerns show a precision that would have done Buddy or Woody proud. The saxes also show their paces throughout, with individual highlights from Brannon and Strange.

The inclusion of five pieces by Astor Piazzolla and the guest appearances of Dr. Scott Wright, Mark Clodfelter and Raleigh Dailey increase the range and variety of program, which adds icing to the cake.

If we could only turn the clock back to the 1940-50's period, this outfit would be a sensation. Blame it on the media!

by Al Merritt