Chris McNulty

Dance Delicioso

Elefant Dreams ED4547

Voice, Chris McNulty; piano, John DiMartino, Mulgrew Miller, David Budway; guitars, Paul Bollenback; bass, Ugonna Okegwo; drums, Billy Hart; percussion and pandeira, Café daSilva; saxophones, Gary Bartz, alto; Dave Pietro, alto and soprano; Gary Thomas, tenor; accordion, Sonny Barbato; cello, Eric Friedlander; vocal group, Latanya Hall, Darryl Tookes, Keith Fluitt, Roz Morehead

Chris McNulty, born in Australia, has a very good voice and knows how to use it on some excellent arrangements with some very impressive sidemen. Each of the eleven tracks has a different group working well together, which provides a picture of her range of styles, all of which are interesting.

By Judy and Loy Wiese