Steve Venz



"Waiting for Relief," "Scoop," "The Texture of Dusk," "So Far So Good," "New Star," "I Will," "Susan," "Noir," "N'Motion," "Closing My Eyes," "I'm with You" (52.37)

Doug Webb (ss, ts); Steve Cotter (g); Steve Venz (b); Jason Harnell (d); Joe Bagg (p,B3 org)

Talented bassist Steve Venz has assembled a competent group to play his original compositions. Amongst the major soloists, Doug Webb plays in a reflective and mellow manner on his statement of the tunes, but his solos on soprano occasionally become piercing and overbearing-this I found particularly noticeable on "Waiting for Relief."

Guitarist Cotter solos on most tracks and plays well with interesting improvisory lines. Venz, Harnell, and Bagg keep a relatively low profile by comparison.

Some of the themes are likeable, and the general performance is quite professional, but as a whole the CD doesn't rise to any great heights.

By Al Merritt