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Editor: "The Kerouac fifties are over!" says Pierluigi Bruni, saxophonist and creator of the Web site Jazz Italia On-Line. "There's a new way now to be a Jazz artist which goes beyond the old cliché of the disorganized and anticonformist bohemian," he tells us.

There sure is. Jazz lovers have taken to the Internet in a big way, and you can find a page devoted to virtually anything you might want to know about the music--individual musicians, festivals, record labels, touring schedules, local Jazz societies. Jazz Now Interactive (http://www.jazznow.com) was first on the Internet; here are some other sites of note.

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Links to Other Special Jazz Sites on the Internet

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BRUNI Gallery

The Jazz Masters Series by Bruni. You've seen her colorful paintings of jazz legends all over town. Now visit her site.


Much more than the home page for vocalist Daria. A veritable clearinghouse for San Francisco Jazz vocalists and the vocal scene.


Link Directory

Jazz Buff

Home page of the Palo Alto Jazz Alliance. Hit this site for day-by-day listings of where it's at for Jazz in the SF Bay Area.


The Jazz Discography

Publishers of the world's largest and most complete Jazz reference work, the JAZZ DISCOGRAPHY books and CD-ROM by Tom Lord.

Main Street Station

The happiest place on the Russian River to hear Benny Barth, Lois Tanner, Marigold Hill, and Larry Basket-and have pizza, lasagna, wine, and microbrews as well.



Where Jazz is happenin'! Discover this beautiful island country as we did in 2003 - the sounds and sights of Malta!
Also check out WWW.LL-O-C-A-L.COM

Music in the Vines

A music label

She Divine

A musical website (interviews, reviews...)
Mail order/online catalogue
International directory specialized inmusical media, distribution and live music
All kinds of music

Stop Time

An hour of Jazz on CJFX, 98.9 FM, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada


Japanese restaurant and world-class Jazz house

Joe Zawinul Unofficial Italian Fan Site

Source for all things Zawinul. (Don't worry - you can surf in English.) While you're there, join the mailing list with other fans of Zawinul and Weather Report.

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