Walter Savage

Soothes the Savage Beast

No Catalog Number - Producers "Whodunit Music," Sausolito, CA

Walter Savage, bass,vocal; Leonard Thompson, piano; Ron Marabuto, drums; Bob Johnson, saxes; Don Beck,trumpet; Al Bent, trumbone; Carla Kaufman subs on bass during Walter's three vocal tracks, 1998/9


I found this recording to be a total joy - the ensemble produces a unified sound which is laid-back and precise at the same time.

You can tell these guys (and gal) play regularly together - they set right with each other. A flexible swinging rhythm section fronted in the main by Bob Johnson and Al Bent, with the occasional appearance of Don Beck, hail forth with fun loving sounds on ten original tunes including four hip vocals from Walter. Walter scores well with his solid bass playing, both in section and with his solos. Bob plays beautifully and Al is absolutely spellbinding on trombone - what a delight it must be to see this group perform.

There should be more bands on the scene like this one.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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