Drinking From the Golden CupJohn Bickerton Trio
Drinking from the Golden Cup

Loud Neighbors Music LNM9701

John Bickerton, piano; Ben Allison, bass; Tim Horner, drums, percussion, wood flute

All compositions by John Bickerton. Eight pieces on the release. Approximately 57.03 minutes. Not long enough. It seems that each of the players had a hand in the arrangements. The haunting melody of the piece "Drinking from the Golden Cup" is beautiful and identifiable. I like that. I think you should appreciate a composer's efforts by being able to recognize his work. This particular piece is like a story being told, a pleasant story, and the characters are each instrument. You can hear their comments to each other.

"Snowfall" left no doubt that John created this while the snow was falling. Excellent musicians. They work very well together to create a scene that you have no problem imagining. If I was an artist working in the oil medium, I would paint "Last Dance of Fading Memories." Each of the pieces on this release created a beautiful abstract picture for me.

The technical side to this CD is worthy of appreciation by the most ardent audiophile. Every note, subtle or sharp, makes its contribution apparent.

Beautiful artwork on the cover and the text on the back was wisely printed in white. Anyone familiar with my reviews knows that I think it is so important to be able to easily read the information provided.

I would not object to this loud neighbor living in my 'hood. You can bet anything this good can be found in the Jazz Now Direct mail-order catalog.

by Haybert K. Houston

 Drinking From the Golden Cup is available through the Jazz Now Direct CD Store.

John Bickerton and His Loud Neighbors