Jim Ferguson

Not Just Another Pretty Bass

A-Records AL 73160

Jim Ferguson, bass, vocals; Chris Potter, tenor sax; Pat Coil, piano; Jim White, drums.

Jim is not only a talented bass player, he also has an interesting sounding voice, which is slightly reminiscent of Mose Allison with Michael Franks overtones. He is exceptional as both vocalist and bassist, and his performance is at the root of all eleven songs on this attractive CD.

His choice of a musical team is well judged. Pat Coil is already known as an accomplished Jazz pianist, but he shows here his sensitivity as an ideal accompanist. Chris Potter, too, has a wide reputation which he enhances here with his big-toned tenor, and Jim White is equal in taste and technique to melt into the background or take charge as necessary. To round it off, the selected program of musical tunes is a good base to show off Mr. Ferguson's many talents.

Highly professional and entertaining.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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