Erroll Garner

Now Playing - 6 CD Set

Telarc CD 83475

Six CD Set comprising twelth LPs entitled Now Playing: A Night At The Movies; Up In Erroll's Room; That's My Kick; Gemini; Magician; Gershwin & Kern; One World Concert; Dreamstreet; Closeup In Swing; A New Kind Of Love; Campus Concert; Feeling Is Believing (442.03)

Erroll Garner, piano with various rhythm sections and orchestras.

The one thing you can rely upon with Garner is that you'll know the tune and that it will swing like crazy.

Erroll must be the all-time favourite Jazz pianist of the western world, steeped in melody, swing and great joy in his every performance no matter who is backing him.

In this mammoth collection there are excellent examples of Erroll having a riotous time with that left-hand rhythm imbued in all manner of popular songs.

I particularly like Don Sebesky's smooth arrangements for the "Brass Bed" on "Up In Erroll's Room" and Leith Stevens' backing on "A New Kind Of Love", as well as the many small group recordings that abound in this lavish collection. Erroll is consistently great throughout.

Why don't you take three days off and listen to them all?

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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