Matthias Lupri Quartet with george garzone

Shadow of the Vibe

Chartmaker Jazz CMG 5060

Matthias Lupri, vibes; George garzone, tenor sax; John Lockwood, bass; Sebastian De Krom, drums.

There are some pleasing moments in this program of Matthias' ten compositions. Matthias, a brilliant vibist in the Gary Burton style, has a great ability to float through his solos with ease.

He is favorably assisted by Lockwood and De Krom throughout, but his partnership with Garzone is not entirely satisfactory. There are times when Garzone seems to be more interested in his own endeavors than in welding a composite line with the leader.

This is an enjoyable slice of advanced modern Jazz, but not really suitable for all Jazz-loving ears.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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