Steve Million

Truth Is

(Palmetto PM 2042)

Steve Million (piano); Randy Brecker (tenor sax); Dick Oatts (soprano sax, tenor sax); Michael Moore (bass); Ron Vincent (drums); Steve Cardenas (guitar)

Recorded in Brooklyn January 1998

I've had the pleasure of reviewing a previous release by Steve Million which employed a similar personnel, and I'm happy to say that I enjoyed their performance equally on this occasion. The rhythm section headed up by Steve is loose and swinging with Michael Moore's choice notes and Ron Vincent's tasty drumming completing a highly supportive team.

With an occasional nod to the influence of people like Monk, this group has its own sound and direction - which is a delight. The inclusion of guitarist Cardenas gives a further dimension to the proceedings.

I particularly enjoyed Dick's rich tenor sound and Randy's playing was exemplary throughout the recording.

This CD is, by turns, swinging, laid-back, exciting and musically satisfying.

Highly recommended.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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