Sonny Stitt

Live at Ronnie Scott's

DCC Compact Classics DJC 642

Sonny Stitt, tenor, alto saxes; Dick Morrissey, tenor sax; Ernest Ranglin, guitar; Terry Shannon, Harry South, piano; Phil Bates, Rick Laird, bass; Bill Eyden, Benny Goodman, drums.

This laid-back set opens with Ranglin leading the way and following with many more choruses, then Stitt enters on tenor and plays casually. Sonny then sings "Home Sweet Home," and follows it with two other tributes to his mother. Next is a brief rendition of "Sonny's Theme Song,' and then on to the blues number he shares with Dick Morrissey and harry South. On the next two numbers--"It Could Happen to You" and "Oh Lady be Good"--the pattern of play is the tune statement by the rhythm section, followed by solo piano, with Stitt coming in to state the tune and follow it with the coda in each case. Incidentally, it is Benny Goodman the British drummer, and not the American clarinetist. This seems to be a bad representation of one of the giants, who was regarded by many as second only to Charlie Parker.

Sonny doesn't seem to have much input on a CD bearing his name, which is rather disappointing.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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