New Sounds

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Natalia Nazarova
Featuring Orbert Davis

Listen With Your Heart

Riverstreet Gang Productions (RGP1416)


Anat Fort
ANA 001


Mark Little
Carlittle Music - CLM 1001



Don Reitan Quintet
Ms-Sippi Cookin'
Gulf Coast Jazz - MIV 289



Libby York
Blue Gardenia
Southport S-SSD 0064


Second Rhythm
Blue Note 7243493565 2 8


T. S. Monk
N-Coded Music NC-4202-2


Warren Vache Quintet
Warren Plays Warren
Nagel-Hager CD033


Joyce Cooling
Keeping Cool
HUCD 3053


Ron Kapland
Lounging Around
Kapland Records

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