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Greetings from Claire Daly. I am sorry to hear that you're discontinuing the magazine. I just found you this year, and really enjoyed Jazz Now. Oh well, I trust you are doing what you need to do. I send you all my best wishes and will keep you on my e-mail update list. Please do the same!


Dorothy Hill,

Thanks for the great news about the Blues, and especially the great write up about the Coco Montoya Band at Biscuits & Blues. Of course you make me feel especially honored to be mentioned in such a glowing way. Thank you.

Benny Yee

So sorry to read that Haybert has decided to hang it up.

It was a good run and I hope you are all proud of what you accomplished. It's not your fault that the bulk of America likes to think that it likes Jazz, but actually fears it.

Oh how we all love to identify with the passionate arched silouette of the alto sax player lost in his solo, but when it comes to really grokking what's going on inside of that clasic figure, most people would rather watch Home Improvement and scratch their asses.

Good luck, take care.

Joe Paulino

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