Anat Fort
ANA 001

Anat Fort, Piano; Andreas Henze, Bass; Heinrich Koebberling, Drums, Percussion; Aaron Stewart, Tenor Saxophone; Dan Nadel, Guitar

This album of all original material by pianist Anat Fort has an overall pleasant, enjoyable sound. Much of the album is rather meditative, although it also has some passion and has interesting voicings against engaging rhythms. Her compositions are sometimes moody, thoughtful and spirited all in one, as on "This Is It" and "Me".
"The Bridge" is a high energy mix of straight ahead and some outside treatments. "Light Suite" starts out and ends reflectively, however, the midsection rolls along in a delightfully lighthearted way, even including a moment of some rock inspired guitar. There is a joyful playfulness on "The Dance". "Lullaby" is a tenderly treated solo piano piece.
Considering the range of mood and dynamics of this CD, the players are very cohesive.

By Mishla Schwartz

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