Mark Little
Carlittle Music - CLM 1001

Pasha's Dilemma
What a Wonderful World
The Freedom Suite - America the Beautiful - Oh Freedom - Hymn to Freedom
Alone Together
More Than You Know
Ballad of the Beaver Bottom Bounders
Blues for West Texas
Happy Birthday
See You There

Mark Little, piano

I must say that Mark Little's piano style is different from any other Jazz pianist that I have come across - supposing it really is Jazz?
The music, both known and original, is played in a reflective, introverted, sad, wan style which
has a simplistic warmth but is occasionally animated and also has odd alien notes creeping into the musical pallet.
It makes for pleasant enough listening although it can become sleep inducing.
In his sleeve notes, poted British Jazz musician John Dankworth promoted the pianist, which may indicate that the recording deserves a more academic appreciation.

by Al Merritt
U.K. Jazz
London, England

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