T. S. Monk
N-Coded Music NC-4202-2

The Black Hole
Night Song
Squeaky Clean
Just A Little Livin'
Smile of the Snake
A Touching Affair
Somebody Buy Me A Drink
You Touched My Heart
A Chant for Bu
(54.35 Total time)

T.S.Monk (Roland VlO Electronic Drums,percussion; Ray Gallon, piano; Gary Wang, bass; Willie Williams, soprano sax,tenor sax; Bob Porcelli, alto sax; Don Sickler, trumpet, fluegle horn; plus guests: Jon Gordon, alto sax; Patricia Barber, vocals

This band has great potential to reach a high level of acceptance in the world of Jazz. The horn players are all exceptional soloists with great technical facility and impressive improvisational powers. However, from a Jazz purist's point of view there are two basic shortcomings: the leaders choice of electronic drums and the inclusion of crossover music. There are several well arranged attractive themes, which have that quality that calls for a repeated listen, particularly "A Touching Affair" and the haunting "You Touched My Heart." Don Sickler, Willie Williams and Bobby Porcelli certainly shine throughout this recording, but when the rhythm returns with those funky electronic sounds all seems lost. Very disappointing.

by Al Merritt
UK Jazz
London England

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