Listen with Your Heart - Natalia NazarovaNatalia Nazarova
Featuring Orbert Davis

Listen With Your Heart

Riverstreet Gang Productions (RGP1416)



Natalia Nazarova, vocalist; Orbert Davis, flugelhorn; Davis Jones, flute; Ryan Cohan, piano; James Cammack, Marlene Rosenberg, Larry Gray, bass, Wayne Stewart, Frank Parker, Jr., Tim Davis, drums; Leddie Garcia, percussion; with numerous instrumentalists, including string quartet and expanded string orchestra.

Depth, breadth and passion are key components in this masterful new session from classically- trained Russian vocalist Natalia Nazarova and Orbert Davis, the Chicago composer, bandleader and flugelhorn virtuoso.

Represented here are first-rate ensemble efforts that underscore the striking stylistic similarities between the two leaders. In the Davis original, Winds of Life, the drama evoked by an essentially simple groove in D minor reaches a searing intensity. And it is this capacity to move the listener that recalls the great Blue Note recordings of the 1960s. Listen With Your Heart is a consistently satisfying, content-driven session; an entirely worthwhile addition to one's music collection.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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