Bruno Raberg
Orbis Music (OM9902)

Ole Mathisen, soprano and tenor saxophone, clarinet; Bruno Raberg, acoustic bass; Marcello Pellitteri, drums and percussion.

The negation of familiar chords sequences in favor of a more exploratory approach to form is a theme that runs through this remarkable trio session by virtuoso bassist and Berklee College of Music professor Bruno Raberg. The leader's previous work with Sam Rivers and other important composers has yielded tremendous musical insight, as the performances here are anything but predictable. Raberg's highly original aesthetic embraces Scandinavian folk music ("Berg Kirsti's Polska"), unconventional rhythms ("Procession", in 11/4 time), and free improvisation ("Sculpture I and I"), with equal success. Most importantly, the masterful, motive-based improvisations in the title track steadfastly avoid the clichÈd patterns associated with chord-running. And it is this sort of creative and open-minded approach to composition that keeps the music fresh and consistently challenging.

by James D. Armstrong, Jr.

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