A Pennsylvania -
Lehigh Valley Artist

Karl H. Buesgen, Sr.

Date of Birth - December 25, 1916
Lifetime Home - Allentown, PA
Date of Death - December 14, 1981

Vocation - Organist, Choirmaster and Vocalist at local churches; 
private piano, organ, and  voice music teaching.
Avocation - Artist - Oil and acrylic painting

Covered Bridge(16 x 20)                                                           Cornfield Lane (20 x 24)

Karl H. Buesgen, Sr. was born and raised in the city of Allentown, in Lehigh County in the state of Pennsylvania. He painted landscapes, seascapes and some still life paintings in the impressionistic and realistic style as seen in the New Hope School.
His early years of art education and experience were gotten from his extensive reading, participating in art classes at the Baum Art School under the tutelage of
Walter Emerson Baum among others, and later from the private art classes and lifelong association with another local artist,  John E. Berninger.
Karl Buesgen's many paintings depict the beautiful scenery  around the picturesque Allentown, and Lehigh County area. The works were done
en plein air from nature while spending innumerable hours on site. When this opportunity was not available he painted from color photographic slides taken with his personal camera.
The greatest influence to his work was under the guidance of John E. Berninger. They were first associated as student and teacher and then became fast friends who shared a passion for music and their art. This companionship grew over the course of  40 years as they spent nearly every Saturday afternoon visiting and discussing their interests and Sunday afternoons painting together. They scouted sites throughout the county at which to set up their easels and painted or, if the weather was not satisfactory, spent their time painting in John's third floor "studio" at his home across from West Park in Allentown.
Both men continued their painting as long as possible in their lives until 
John died in the summer of 1981 and Karl died a short time later in the winter of 1981. 
The purpose of this site is to share some of the joy that his family and friends
 have experienced through the appreciation of his paintings.





Above: Karl (left in both pictures) and John E. Berninger doing what they enjoyed...painting on site.
Relaxing at a friend's retreat at Peck's Pond, Pike County, PA in the 1950's.







Below: Sunday painting for Karl Buesgen was often a family affair as seen below with two of his children,

Karl,Jr. and Joseph, sharing the experience roadside in Lehigh County.

















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