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Checklists & Organizers

Schedule C Checklist for Mary Kay Consultants  This checklist shows the most common deductions used on Schedule C for Direct Sellers. There are a few items specifically noted for Mary Kay Consultants.

End Of Year Inventory  This is an excel spreadsheet that will calculate the Retail and Cost value of your inventory. The display you'll see is just for demonstration. If you want to really use the spreadsheet you'll need to save the excel to your computer and revise according to your actual inventory. To calculate your Retail and Cost inventory values, just enter the quantity of each item on your shelf in the "green shaded" column.



Common Sch C Deductions  A presentation given to a Mary Kay Unit, covers common Schedule C deductions for Direct Sellers, some Federal Tax Tips and highlights a few changes

Inventory Tracking  A presentation describing how Direct Sellers may track inventory items used for Hostess Gift, Demonstration, Discounts and Personal Use