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Y2K General

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
Computerworld Search
Microsoft Y2K Page: Articles and Links
Bill: Mandates Disclosure of Y2K Exposure
USA Today: Y2K Problem makes experience pay off
Insurance Info Central
Legal Issues Concerning the Year 2000 "Millennium Bug"
Article: Y2K Remediation Contracts
IBM Year 2000 Page

ITAA Year 2000 Certification Program
2000-Won! Expansion Papers (EP)
Ategra Y2K Skillsets List
Year 2000: Not One Second More
Westergaard Year 2000--Economy--Trends--The Y2K Labor Shortage
The Year 2000 Information Center
Year2000 Information Network - Year2000 Information Report

COBOL Foundation - Home Page
Knowledge Management Sites
The COBOL Report
The Marketing Magic Archive

AFR Net Services - Information story
Year 2000 Bibliography - Update 10/09/96 07:00 V 1.42
Westergaard Year 2000

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  • Y2K Consulting Services

    KPMG UK Management Consulting, Year 2000
    Andersen Consulting Teams Up With VIASOFT (Archives)
    Recommended Vendors: Y2K Info Network
    The Year 2000 Information Center - Year 2000 Solution Vendors
    Computer Assurance Services: Year 2000
    LBL Consulting

    MIAB Systems Ltd.
    AccessAIG - In The News

    Blair and Associates, Inc.
    Trace Consulting Corp. - Mentoring/Training
    Swiftware Technologies Consulting Services
    SI: Strategia Corporation (SAA) an (#76/127)
    SI: Strategia Corporation (SAA) an (#127/127)
    Instant Recall, Inc. Home Page

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    Compensation Resources, Inc. - Consultants
    Quest Personal Salary Model
    Quest Personal Salary Model: Form
    JobSmart Computer and Engineering Salary Surveys Page
    DataMasters 1997 Salary Survey

    Source Services: Statistics and Survey
    "Executive Alliance" Surveys
    SCA Compensation Monographs: Index
    BLS General Survey Info

    Winning Associates - Cal. Based HR Consultancy (Small fin'l inst.)
    Ruhl's Real Rate Survey
    RECRUITMENT EXTRA: Salary Surveys
    JD Salary Survey
    Adtech Salary Survey

    Woods - Hoyle Survey
    WAGEWEB:Information Management Salary Data

    Spring 1997 AS/400 Programmers Salary Survey
    AS/400 Salary Survey
    Salary Survey - Salaryside

    Davis and Neusch Strategic Compensation Solutions
    Clayton Wallis Co.- Human Resources Salary And Total Compensation Planning Software And Online Salary And Compensation Planning Systems
    Computer EDP Statistics
    Palmer and Associates - Home Page

    Competitive Position Compensation Surveys Site
    West Ward: Compensation Consultantcy
    West Ward References Page
    Baker Thomsen Associates: Compensation Consultancy
    Effective Compensation, Inc.
    Employers' Group (California): Salary Budget Surveys

    I/T Careers: For The Recruiter
    New Year 2000 Solutions Jobs / Employment: October, 1997
    Technology Resources, Inc. : Year 2000 (Millenium) Positions Available
    IBM Mainframe P/A Conversion Positions
    ATEGRA: Free Job Notification
    Software Testing Institute - Software Tester Salaries
    Abbott, Langer and Associations, Inter-City Wage and Salary Differentials

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    Y2K Link Lists

    Y2K Home Page
    Year 2000 Intro
    Introduction to Year 2000 Problem
    Girod's Year 2000 Bookmarks
    Bookmark our Bookmarks - The Year 2000 Problem
    Year 2000 Bibliography - Update 10/09/96 07:00 V 1.42
    The Year 2000 Information Center

    Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums
    Computer People Home Page
    Pc Check Database - Y2K
    Recommended Vendors: Y2K Info Network
    Year 2000 Tool Vendors
    The WDG's Links to Validators

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    Articles and Papers

    Legal Issues Concerning the Year 2000 "Millennium Bug"
    Legacy Systems Live On
    Article: Y2K Remediation Contracts
    Economist predicts Y2K-based recession
    Westergaard Year 2000--Economy--Predictions--Deutsche Morgan's Chief Economist Ed Yardeni Warns of Y2K Recession

    Westergaard Year 2000--The Latest Past Editions--Week of September 15-September 19, 1997
    2000-Won! Expansion Papers (EP)
    Y2K Case: Nagging details, 05/05/97
    IS Managers' Workbench - Year 2000
    ALC: ISRP (the year 2000 problem)

    Year 2000 Project Article
    The Y2K (Year 2000) Time Bomb
    The FASB Weighs In On Y2K Date Conversion Time Bomb
    Computer Associates: Year 2000 Congressional Testimony
    CMU: Software Engineering Institute

    CIS Year 2000 Team: Y2K Issue in HB1
    They Write the Right Stuff
    Cyberspace PR Reviews Current Events

    Year2000 Information Network - Year2000 Information Report
    PlugIn Datamation
    PlugIn IS Managers' Workbench - Y2k Stories
    PlugIn: IS Managers' Workbench - Q&A
    IS Managers' Workbench - Fixes

    Contrarian's View
    Annual Skills Survey - The GREAT SKILLS Chase
    IS Managers' Workbench - "Blue"
    IS Managers' Workbench - Offnet
    IS Managers' Workbench - Year 2000

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  • Y2K: V-and-V and Methodology

    Validation and Verification
    The WDG's Links to Validators
    Software Validation
    Prologic TGA 2000-Won! Methodology (EP)
    Computer Reserves' Year 2000 Methodolgy
    ITS - Year 2000 Solution

    Intermetric ISVV Plan
    ViP - Services
    Acquisition and Validation of Knowledge from Data
    The Answer - Validation in Partnership
    San Diego: SW Capabilities - IVV
    Software Validation GmbH - Services

    Oak Grove Technologies, Pharm. Validation, Validation Project Mgt.
    PharmComm, Inc. - Computer System V-and-V Consulting, Document Imaging, SOPs
    Disaster Recovery Vendors

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  • Software Publishers

    McCabe: The Year 2000
    The Open Group
    Year 2000 Tool Vendors
    Comptramatics:Trans-Millennium Y2K Tool Suite
    Welcome To McAfee
    The Home Page for Object-Oriented Technology and Eiffel

    GemStone Home Page
    Sybase, Inc.
    The Object-Oriented Page
    Iconix Home Page
    Object COBOL Product Information

    Arbor Intelligent Systems:Object Technology Tools and Services
    EE/CS Mother Site
    Welcome to the Software Publishers Association
    SPA Anti-Piracy Home Page
    Essay: The demise of xBase
    Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Software:Communications and Networking:Client/Server

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  • IT/IS Professionals

    Index of /c96
    List of Lists:Employment & Consulting
    A Contractor or Your Employee?
    Dmitri's IS/IS NY Area Headhunters
    Business & Employment

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  • Online Placement and Recruitment Svcs

    DICE - A job search database for computer consulting professionals
    Skills Registration on Dice
    ConsultLink: Computer Consultant Directory
    Net-Temps Home Page
    Inter-City Cost of Living Index

    Search Engines -- Beaucoup! (Employment)
    The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
    Online Career Center -- Information for the HR/Staffing Professional
    Welcome to EtakGuide

    Expert Marketplace: prequalified consultants, consultant database, consultant directory, consulting resources
    Candidate's Corner
    Welcome to CareerMosaic
    Career Resource Homepage

    Career Resource Center
    E-Span Job Search
    E-Span "Career Companion" Directory
    E-Span HR Professional

    WebElite Internet Download Site
    Algorithm, Inc.
    1A SkillSearch Corporation
    Elite Consulting (archetype forms)
    VC - Job Search

    AJB Employer Services
    Employer's Direct
    Kendall & Davis Resources
    Jobsite UK Recruitment Forum for Permanent and Contract Vacancies
    JOBSITE. Jobs and Contracts in the UK and Europe

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  • IT/IS Placement: Miscellaneous

    CV Guide
    1st Steps in the Hunt
    IntelliMatch Power Resume Builder - Contact Information
    RecruitMedia (UK): The Entrance Hall
    SPA's JobWire

    SPA's HireWire Listing
    SPA's HireWire Ad Placement
    RHIC Internal Hiring
    Mapquest Individualized Homepage
    MapQuest Services!
    Renaissance Educational Services

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