Photos from Composers Concordance Concert of January 31, 2010, Club Drom

Photography by Jill Steinberg:

Composer Dan Cooper playing his 7-string Electric Bass

Composer/baritone Charles Coleman ready
to sing in his trio

Composer Patrick Grant adding to the effect

Composer Gene Pritsker runs the show

Composers Franz Hackl, Charles Coleman
and Gene Pritsker perform

Composer Dan Palkowski performs

Composer Ted Wiprud at the piano

Composer Thomas Carlo Bo jazzes it up

Composer Jody Redhage, cello and her husband
Alan Ferber, trombone, play her new piece

Composer/Founding Director Joseph Pehrson plays his piece

Composers Joseph Pehrson (left),
William Schimmel and Patrick Hardish,
long-time collaborators

Composer Bill Schimmel performs on his accordion

Composer Alon Nechushtan plays his new piece

Composer Roger Blanc at the guitar

Composer Andrew Violette performs at the piano

Composer Dan Cooper
on bass with composer Milica Paranosic
with her berimbau

Composer Arthur Kampela plays the cello "like a guitar"