Photos from Composers Concordance Concert of May 27, 2004

Photos courtesy of John de Clef Piñeiro

Here is composer John Eaton (left), with cellist Jeff Shah and pianist Paul Hoffmann

Composer Leonard Lehrman (left) and tenor Paul Sperry take a bow

Soprano Helene Williams sings with tenor Paul Sperry

Cellist Jeffrey Shah rehearses with pianist Paul Hoffmann

Composer Patrick Hardish, clarinetist Esther Lamneck and music

Composers Art Kreiger (left) and Dinu Ghezzo

Soprano Helene Williams

Paul Hoffmann at the piano

Co-director Joseph Pehrson with Linda Pehrson (from May 21)

Composer, co-director Patrick Hardish with his score

Leonard Lehrman (at piano) and tenor Paul Sperry confer on the score

Composer Dinu Ghezzo (left) and Percussionist Peter Jarvis

Clarinetist Esther Lamneck, and composers Leo Kraft (center) and Dinu Ghezzo

Composer Patrick Hardish discusses his score with clarinetist Esther Lamneck

Tenor Paul Sperry (left) with soprano Helene Williams and composer/pianist Leonard Lehrman

Editor Barry Cohen of the New Music Connoisseur magazine (right) with a rather startled composer Sean Hickey