Joseph M. Stivaletta

Lexington, Massachusetts 02420



80x86, 680x0 assembler, C, C++, Basic, Visual Studio

Debugging Tools for Windows (Windbg)



IBM PC and Compatibles, Logic Analyzer and Various In-Circuit Emulators




CA INC., Framingham, MA


Senior Sustaining Engineer, Engineering                                                                        2004 - 2010

·         Debugged, modified and tested a Windows kernel mode Multi-Filter Drivers for CA Access Control.

·         Debugged, modified and tested Windows user mode applications for CA Access Control.

·         Analyzed kernel and user mode memory dumps. 

·         Resolved customer issues.





Contractor, Engineering                                                                                                       2003

Worked on a team project to port a Windows NT server product to Windows Server 2003.

Contractor, Engineering                                                                                                       2003

BIOS Customization to provide support for some OEM SMBus devices.




Principal Software Engineer, Engineering                                                                        1992 - 2002

·         Wrote, debugged and tested a Windows 2000/XP File System Filter Driver.

·         Investigated various technologies such as Windows 2000 server, .NET server, Bluetooth and Wireless Session Management to identify areas for new product opportunities.

·         Modified, enhanced, debugged and tested our power management products - PowerLast for Windows 98, PowerProfiler for Windows NT and PowerProfiler/SE for Windows NT.

·         Wrote, modified and tested a legacy Windows95/98 port driver for USB modems.  Due to problems inherent within the Windows95 OS, the port driver was comprised of a VxD component and a kernel mode component.  Provided ongoing support to customers who used this driver.

·         Worked on a project for peripheral device control. Patent

·         Modified, debugged and tested the system management bus API component of our ROMBIOS to support smart batteries.  Updated, enhanced and debugged the 32-bit VxDs and device drivers to allow 32-bit Windows 95 applications to interface with both the system management bus API and the smart battery API.  Also updated our APM BIOS functions to talk with smart batteries.

·         Modified, enhanced, debugged and tested VxDs and device drivers for our System and Power Configuration Utility Software (WINSCU) for both Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.  Implemented BIOS API interface to support these Windows’ utilities.

·         Involved in implementation of APM (Advanced Power Management) version 1.1.  Updated the APM BIOS to conform to the version 1.2 specifications.

·         Updated and enhanced Windows VxDs and device drivers to support PCCARD in both domestic PC and Japanese 9800 systems.

·         Implemented PCCARD power managment software for major hardware vendors.

·         Customized ROMBIOS and Power Management for various IBM Compatible Notebooks.

·         Programmed various chip devices.

Instructor, Harvard University Extension School                                                                         1994 – 1995

Taught the computer science course CSCI E-121 entitled "Assembly Language and Systems Programming for the IBM Personal Computer".


Teacher Assistant, Harvard University Extension School                                                          1991 – 1994

Taught a section and lab for the computer science course CSCI E-121 entitled "Assembly Language and Systems Programming for the IBM Personal Computer".


Previous experience within



Principal Software Engineer, Research & Development

Senior Software Engineer, Research & DevelopmentInvestigated IDE CD-ROM drives for use in some of our newer products.

·         Approximately 30% of my time was spent in researching new technologies.  Research projects included multimedia, video, object-oriented analysis and design, object-oriented programming languages (C++, Smalltalk), software design methodologies, software metrics.  Offered consultation on the above researched topics to various departments upon request.

·         Responsible for Wang MultimediaPC (MPC) and all EXEC and Alliance CD-ROM based product offerings.  Received a Performance Plus Award for Championing Multimedia Technology.

·         Investigated Microsoft's Multimedia extensions to Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1 and Voyetra's Multimedia Lite.  Evaluated chips from Yamaha.

·         Focal point for all IBM PC compatibility issues.

·         Project leader responsible for enhancing, maintaining and releasing all versions of Wang PC Compatible ROMBIOSes shipped prior to 1991.

·         Cleaned up the department's problem backlog.  Primary troubleshooter for customer problems.  Responsible for tracking all maintenance issues.

·         Worked on special "Seamless" BIOS for Classic Wang PC that combined both a Wang BIOS and an IBM emulated ROMBIOS, Wang Laptop BIOS, an 8-bit VGA BIOS and porting OS/2 and MSDOS.

·         Received an "R&D Team Award" for the Wang PC Seamless Emulation BIOS and an "Employee of the Month" award for solving a critical customer problem.

·         Expert troubleshooter and teacher.


Software Engineer II, Research & Development

·         Enhanced asynchronous device drivers.

·         Wrote utility to dynamically load character devices into the device chain.  (Required modification of undocumented MSDOS internal locations.)

·         Worked on many elements of the BIOS for a multitasking version of MSDOS 4.0 (which we called MTDOS) for the Federal Government.

·         Enhanced the IBM XT Emulation software for the Classic Wang PC.

·         Received an "Employee of the Month" award for solving a very critical problem.


Software Engineer I, Research & Development

Implemented MSDOS asynchronous device drivers for classic Wang PC.  The serial chips used were the PCPI 2661 and Zilog SIO and DART.  Modified drivers to run on a special multitasking version of MSDOS that was sold to the Federal Government.



University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Engineering Technology in Computer Technology

Part-time Undergraduate



Music, piano, drums and percussion, horticulture, economics and finance, science and eastern philosophy.