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1.3.1 SUSSANAH SKINNER (all per exhibit 1a, original sources not identified)
b. 1703 or 1704, based upon age at death, likely at Woodbridge (brother Nathaniel was born at Woodbridge 1705 or 1706)
d. 2 Dec 1726, age 22 years Piscataway, Middlesex Co. buried St. James Churchyard, Piscataway
b. 30 Dec 1700
d. ca 1782 Knowlton, Sussex Co.,NJ

The following exhibit indicates that Israel "Benjamin" Manning had two wives. His first wife Susannah Manning, maiden name unknown, died in 1726. He married his second wife, Mary Shotwell, in 1727. The assumption inherent in the following exhibit is that the maiden name of his first wife was Sussanah Skinner. Source references for this are not provided.

Most likely, this assumption comes from the records of the Somerset Co. storekeeper, Mr. Janeway (Janeway-6). The storekeeper twice recorded that Benjamin Manning was a brother-in-law to Nathaniel and Cornelius Skinner. These references occured in the 1730's and 1740's, when Benjamin, as well as the two Skinner brothers, lived in Somerset Co., NJ. The logical assumption is that Benjamin's first wife, whose maiden name was unknown, must be a sister to Nathaniel and Cornelius Skinner. The maiden name of Benjamin's second wife, Mary Shotwell, seems to be well established by a Piscataway marriage record.

The fact that Sussanah was born in 1703 or 1704, while assumed brother Nathaniel was born in 1705 or 1706, certainly makes Sussanah of the right generation to be a sibling.

Nathaniel Skinner was born in Woodbridge. Therefore, his siblings - Sussanah and Cornelius, would have been born at Woodbridge as well. All would be linked to the known Skinner family of Woodbridge.

Benjamin Manning was born in Piscataway and later lived in Somerset Co. Although this places Benjamin some distance away (a relatively short distance) from the Woodbridge Skinners, his second wife - Mary Shotwell, was also of Woodbridge.

I do not know what source references exist to support the following exhibit and the existence of a Susannah Skinner. Apparently, there is no birth or marriage record for Susannah. Presumably, Sussanah Manning's date of death and age at death would have come from a tombstone inscription. Her relationship (wife) to Benjamin Manning probably comes from that same inscription.

It is doubtful there is any record indicating the existence of a Sussanah Skinner, or indicating that Sussanah Skinner was the maiden name of Susannah Manning. The originator of the information in the following exhibit probably assumed the Skinner maiden name based upon the Janeway information (Janeway-6).

For what it is worth, note that the Janeway references to Benjamin Manning being a brother-in-law to the Skinners occur long after the death of Susannah Manning, and after Benjamin Manning had remarried to Mary Shotwell.

Exhibit 1a - Per email from John "Jack" Stewart to KDS dated 3/22/99:
[KDS note - this is largely, but not completely, verbatum. Some paragraphs were re-ordered and some extraneous information removed.]
Here is a bit of info on my "Israel" Benjamin MANNING (he changed his name to Benj to complicate matters):
1. Israel "Benjamin" Manning b. 30 Dec 1700, Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ,
m. (1) bef. May 1722, in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, Susannah Skinner, b. 1704, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, (daughter of ___ Skinner and ___) note: d. 22y, d. 02 Dec 1726, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, bur.: St. James churchyard, Piscataway, NJ
m. (2) 09 Sep 1727, in Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, Mary Shotwell, res. "of Woodbridge, NJ".
Israel died ca. 1782, Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ. HISTORIES / Biographical index of Meigs Co., Ohio : taken from Pioneer History of Meigs Co. by Edgar Ervin / compiled and typed for theGenealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Mary: Some say she is Mary Stillwell, but Oliver Drake's notes state she is not in the Stillwell Genealogy. Piscataway Town Register of Marriages say she is Mary Shotwell, "of Woodbridge."
1.1. Benjamin Manning (son of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Susannah Skinner)
b. 08 Feb 1723, Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ,
m. ca. 1746, Elizabeth "Lena" Bescherer, b. ca. 1724, NJ, (daughter of Johan Jacob Bescherer and Anna Barbara (Lowrens) Lorentz) d. ca. 1765. Benjamin died aft 03 May 1774.
1.2. Joseph Manning (son of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Susannah Skinner)
b. 20 Nov 1726, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, m. Mary Shotwell?, b. ca. 1729,
Middlesex Co., NJ.
Joseph died 1823, Hector, NY?, res. Ulysses (Ithaca) & Hector, NY 1823?. Will 20 Sep 1823 (Caleb Smith, executor)?
1.3. Richard Manning (son of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Mary Shotwell)
b. 08 Aug 1728, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, occ.: Captain,
m. 28 Mar 1753, in NJ, Ann Fitz-Randolph, b. 29 Dec 1733, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ,
(daughter of Moses Fitz-Randolph and Rachel Hull) d. aft. 1812.
Richard died ca. 1812/15, Williamsport area, Lycoming Co., PA, res. Essex & Morris, NJ. Son of Benjamin (Israel) and Mary Manning [Piscataway Town Register of Births]
Marriage License: Richard Manning, Morris Co., NJ and Ann Randolph, Middlesex Co., NJ 28 Mar 1753. His will dated 17 Oct 1812 proved 31 Jan 1815.
1.4. Reuben Manning (son of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Mary Shotwell)
b. 20 Nov 1731, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, occ.: Captain, Tax Collector,
m. Mary Drake, b. ca. 1732. Reuben res. Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ.
In 1772 a Reuben Manning inventoried the estate of Walter Brown of Sussex Co., NJ. He was also a freeholder in Knowlton in 1777 and a Collector 1782-84. In 1780 he was a member of the Knowlton Town Committee, along with Jacob Wintersteen & William Herres.
1.5. Susannah Manning (daughter of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Mary
b. 28 Nov 1737, Knowlton, Sussex (now Warren) Co., NJ,
m. 15 Nov 1759, in Sussex Co., NJ, Abraham Bescherer, b. 02 May 1737, (son of Johan
Jacob Bescherer and Anna Barbara (Lowrens) Lorentz) occ.: Town Clerk, d. 07
May 1809, Knowlton Twp, Sussex Co., NJ, bur.: Union Brick Cem., Blairstown,
Warren, NJ, res. Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ 1769-1777.
Susannah died 07 Feb 1815, Knowlton Twp, Sussex Co., NJ, bur.: Union Brick Cem., Blairstown,
Warren, NJ.
1.6. Nathan (Nathaniel?) Manning (son of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Mary Shotwell)
b. 1738/45, NJ, note: TENTATIVE ID, occ.: Farmer,
m. ca. 1760/4, in NJ, Jane ___, d. bef. 1808, Clermont Co., OH.
Nathan died Aug 1808, Clermont Co., OH, res. NJ, PA, KY, OH. See History of Clermont Co., Ohio, Everts-Lippincott, 1880 for info.
1.7. Mary Manning (daughter of Israel "Benjamin" Manning and Mary Shotwell)
note: Tentative ID. Oliver D. Drake's notes say she could also be Reuben Manning's wife.
Benjamin may have left Piscataway about 1733/4, when his earmark was turnedover to another person. He was in Pepak, Somerset Co., NJ in 1742 and in Mendham, Roxbury Twp., Morris (later Sussex) Co., NJ in 1757. In 1761 he is living in Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ where he lived until about 1782.
See Monnette's "First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge," p. 216: "Israel Benjamin" is listed as "Israel, (changed on the death of his father to Benjamin)," the son of Benjamin and Anne, born 30 Dec 1700. Piscataway Marriage Register states: "[name] Changed afterward to Benj'n at the request of his father on his deathbed in 1702."
"There are also indications that Benjamin Manning may have married still a third time and had more children by the third wife after he had moved from Piscataway, first to Somerset County, and then to Morris County. As part of Morris Co. was later made into Sussex Co., I feel that the Benjamin Manning, Captain Reuben Manning, and other Mannings including a Richard, who appear in Knowlton (near the present Blairstown, Warren Co., NJ) from 1750-1800, may have been the same group who left Piscataway. An old Bible record or family record may give the answer; hence my letter to you." [Unidentified writer in
Oliver D. Drake's notes]
On 26 Apr 1728 he witnessed will of his Uncle, Joseph Manning [N.J. Archives, 23:303]
On 17 Jun 1729 he is mentioned as bounding property of land sold by Elisha Smalley to John Sutton near "Manning's Mill, Piscataway." [N.J. Deed K113]
25 Jan 1733/4 his earmark taken by Daniel Walling. [Piscataway Minute Bk.]
Question: Did Benjamin remove to Morris Co., NJ at this time?
In 1738 he trespasses on Axtell's lands [Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery--Oliver D. Drake's notes] August Term, 1738, N.J. Superior Court:
William Golbourns & wife Mary by Atty Fenwick Lyall sue Benjamin Manning for having on May 1, 1738, entered the closed land of said William & Mary at Pepack & cut 300 trees. Asked for damages.
31 Dec 1741 he is mentioned in NJ Deed F2 123 as having sold property to Edmund Dunham [also in N.J. Archives 30:154]
25 Oct 1742, copy of letter (of James Alexander) to James Cox, Esq., asking to make motions in 2 little proprietors' suits. William Golbouring & wife, Wright Samuel, Benjamin Manning. [KDS NOTE - Should say Golbourn & wife against Wright Skinner & Benjamin Manning.]
09 Dec 1742, letter from James Alexander to David Agdeau, Esq., all Newark, stating that the proprietors propose to bring to trial before next Superior Court in March, at P.A.--Golbourn & wife against Benjamin Manning of Somerset Co., trespass [NY SeSM--Alex'r: box 56] Letter of James Alexander says place of trespass in above action is west of the places where they confessed--judgement in Oct in Alexander [Ibid].
(1744), Aug Term, George II: William Golbourne & wife sue John Craine for £45:3:2. Received by them in March term 16 Geo. II in suit against Benjamin Manning for trespass at Pepack, Somerset Co., NJ--John Crane & Joseph Williams being pureties for Benjamin Manning.
03 May 1745 Benjamin is a tenant on land leased by Daniel Axtell to Wm. Jones [Somerset Qtrly 2:37, Andrew Johnson Journal]
07 Sep 1757 He is executor of will,with Nathaniel Drake, of Jacob Bescherer of Roxbury Twp., Morris Co., NJ [N.J. Archives 32:28]
29 Jul 1759, Benjamin and Richard Manning were witnesses at Inquisition on Death of Jane Drake, wife of Jacob Drake, blacksmith, of Mendham, Roxbury Twp., Morris Co., NJ.
18 Feb 1760 Mtge. to Jonathan Hampton by Richard Peters, & Linford? Lardner Attys for Hon. Thos and Richd Penn, & by sd Jon. Hampton conv. to sd Benjamin Manning 4.1.1761.
Benj. Shook ?soph? 543 1/2 deg. W 54 ch: 6 post. for a big? corner. 543 1/2 deg 66ch; N 46 1/2 deg W 46ch: N43deg E 66ch; S 46 1/2 40ch to begin. Bounded N.E. by land of Abm. Bescherer 4 cont. 264 acres (strict) on condition Benj. pay to estate of Edward ???dec'd, late of Piscataway.
01 Apr 1761 Jonathan Hampton sells 264 acres in Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ to Benjamin Manning [Sussex Mtge. A 82]
04 Sep 1770 Benjamin Manning of Knowlton mortgages 264 acres of Sussex property to Trustrum Manning of Mdx. Co., NJ. Property bounded on N.E. by Abraham Bescherer [Sussex Mtge A 82]
04 Sep 1770, Benj. Manning to Jeremiah, ?Isaac?, ?..? Manning land in Knowlton, Susex Co., being part of 5000 acres #108.
18 Feb 1771 Mortgages Sussex property to Thos. Bowsby [Sussex Mtge A 92]
Benjamin "Mannen" is listed in 1771 as a member of the Knowlton Town Committee, along with Andrew Wagenor, Jabez Culver and John Mitchell.
Benjamin Manning, Sr., is listed in the Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ census of 1773, along with Benjamin, Jr., Ephraim and Nathan Manning, on p. 133.
Benjamin, Sr., is not listed in the 1774 census of Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ.
03 May 1774, Benjamin Manning "JR" sells a Knowlton tract to Israel Swayze [Sussex Mtge A 238].
21 Jan 1775, Benj. Smith vs. Nathaniel Drake. Drake was fined £3 for "obstructing King's Highway near Mr. Benj. Manning's in Knowlton." Manning gave evidence for defendant. [J. P. docket of Nicholas Albertson, 1773-1804, Sussex Co., NJ]
Snell's History of Sussex and Warren Counties, NJ, Sussex Vol., p. 54: "The Committee of Safety of the Province of New Jersey was organized in October, 1775 and convened at Princeton. Among the twenty members listed is Benjamin Manning.
Ibid, pp. 68-69: "The following is a list of nearly one thousand soldiers from Sussex County who served in the Continental army and the State militia during the Revolutionary War; Reuben Manning, captain, First Regiment, and John Manning, ensign, Capt. MuCullough's company."
Ibid, p. 155: "At the close of the Revolutionary War on the tax list was Reuben Manning of Knowlton."
Ibid, pp. 465-66: Presbyterian Church of Stanhope; among the names were Joseph W. Manning, Mary Ann Manning (wife of Joseph W.). Joseph W. Manning and Hiram Miller were chosen elder and deacon, respectively, on the second Sabbath in July, 1838.
1775, [Benjamin Manning] called "brother-in-law to Cornelius Skinner & Wm. Roberts." [Janneway Acct. Bk, G. M. of NJ, Vol. XXXIV, p. 78]
20 Feb 1781, Reuben Manning produces receipt dated 18 Aug 1779 stating "then rec'd of Reuben Manning, the sum of £135 York money in behalf of the state, it being an account of a certain mortgage given by Benj. Manning to Trustrum Manning but now in the hands of Richard Bowlsby a Fugative. Rec'd by me George Warne, Commissioner." [Sussex Mtge. A 82]
May 1782: Benjamin Manning of Knowlton, Sussex Co., NJ referred to as deceased in Sussex Co. court of Common Plea minutes: May Term, 1782:
Executors of Benj. Manning dec'd vs. Jno. Besherer & Jabez Bell, Executors of Nath' Drake, dec'd, debt of £400. [Sussex Co. Common Pleas, Misc., Vol., dates 1782.
John M. Stewart