Lamplighter Pictures
from Burning Man 1998

If you have any pics of Lamplighters in action, please email them to me so I can add them here. Thanks!
image/_1170_bm98_00.jpg, 2.3K
image/_1170_bm98_01.jpg, 2.3K
image/_1170_bm98_02.jpg, 2.5K
image/_1170_bm98_03.jpg, 1.8K
image/_1170_bm98_04.jpg, 2.1K
image/_1170_bm98_05.jpg, 2.3K
image/_1170_bm98_06.jpg, 1.9K
image/_1170_bm98_07.jpg, 2K
image/_1170_bm98_08.jpg, 2K
image/_1170_bm98_09.jpg, 2.1K
image/_1170_bm98_10.jpg, 1.8K
image/_1170_bm98_11.jpg, 1.9K
image/_1170_bm98_12.jpg, 1.7K
image/_1170_bm98_13.jpg, 1.7K
These pics donated by 
David Dowse :
image/_ddbm43e.jpg, 2.6K
image/_ddbm44e.jpg, 2.2K
This one by 
Jason Zuberer:
image/_jzlamplighters.jpg, 2.2K
This one by 
Rob van Glabbeek :
image/_rg20.l.jpg, 2K
Thanks to 
Steve Schwartz 
for these!:
image/_sslam.jpg, 2.2K
image/_sslamp.jpg, 2.1K
image/_sslampsa~1.jpg, 2.4K
image/_sslampsb.jpg, 2.3K
image/_sslampsc.jpg, 2.2K
image/_sslampsd.jpg, 2.2K
image/_sslampse.jpg, 2.3K
image/_sslampsf.jpg, 2.2K
image/_sslampsg.jpg, 2.3K


Unless noted otherwise,
all images Copyright ©1998
Kevin Sellers