Kevin Sellers

Mastering, Recording, Editing, & Post Production

Services offered:

Compact Disc Pre-Mastering
CD One-Offs
Multitrack recording, editing, and mixing
Audio for Film/Video Postproduction

Recent Projects:

Fox Film, "Titan A.E."
Mickey Hart CD, "Spirit Into Sound"
LucasFilm Film, "Star Wars Episode One, The Phantom Menace"
Miramax Film, "Prophecy III"
Kevin Love  CD, "Nature of the System"
Mickey Hart CD, "Supralingua"
Miramax Film, "54"
The Giraffe Had A Voice, CD
Down Temper CD
Aztlan Records, Several CD Releases

Partial List of Equipment:

Digidesign Pro-Tools|24 Mix Plus
(64track, 24bit recording/mixing/editing)
3 DSP Farms plus SampleCell II
ADAT Interface
Most major TDM Plugins Including: Waves, Auto-Tune, TC Tools
Macintosh 9600/G3 333
 Lexicon PCM 91 Reverb
Genelec 1031 Monitors with 1092 Subwoofer
Tannoy and Optimus Monitors
Urei 1178 Compressor
Panasonic 3800 DAT
Much More...

Fun Stuff!!!
Burning Man

Here's a very outdated picture of me in 1995...

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