Ken's Fluorescent Minerals

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals

These are pictures of fluorescent minerals photographed under long wave (LW) or short wave (SW) ultraviolet light.
Whether you are a mineral collector or just browsing, I hope you enjoy this site. The photos will be updated every few months, so please stop by again. Please e-mail with questions, comments and corrections.


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The New York Mineralogical Club

Do you live in the New York City area? A very active club with Monthly Meetings and lots of Field Trips.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society

is a non-profit organization for those interested in the fluorescence of minerals.

Buddy can you spare a light? Sources for UV lamps

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Dial up The Ore House BBS - (516) 671-2337

A computer bulletin board dedicated to mineral collecting. It's free and you get full access on the first call.

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