A list for Christian men and women to come together to encourage, pray for each other and to discuss ideas with each other,
in peace and fellowship.


This list is for folks that would like to come together in fellowship to celebrate their Christian faith, to pray for each other, share their joys, get support in their challenges, and to discuss our wonderfully different ideas with each other.

Serendipity was chosen as the name for this group as a goal and a prayer.  Serendipity is that wondrous occurrence when God places in your path exactly what you needed at exactly the right time. 

My hope is that the sisters and brothers that join together in fellowship on this list will find that sense of serendipitous joy here.

There will hopefully be many opportunities for encouraging and lifting each other up on this list, but the primary goal is to discuss issues of our Christian life.  The List Owner is Catholic, but there are many people of many different faiths and denominations. This list is completely non-denominational, and all are welcome!

If you are interested in joining, feel free, but remember, there may be ideas and issues you don't agree with, it is open to BOTH men and women, is NOT affiliated any other list at all, and it is expected that members will discuss issues both publicly and privately with adult maturity and decorum *grin*.

I ask for us all, in Christ's name, that the Spirit fill us with His Wisdom and His Peace.  ~ Amen ~

Your Sister In Christ,

Lisa Alekna







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If you ever have any questions, write to me at lanat@rcn.com


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