Create Change Master


To create a Change Master for a SolidWorks assembly / part:

1. Open the assembly / part in SolidWorks.


2. Select SolidPLM  Change Master Create. The Create Change Master: Initial Screen appears.


3. Assign a change number (or, if you want the system to assign the number, leave the field blank).


4. In the Copy from dataset, you can enter the change number of an existing change master in order to copy data (for example, change header data or object type indicators) to the new change master as default values. The system also carries out an authorization check for the reference change master.


5. Confirm your entry. The detail screen of the change header appears, on which you can, for example, enter a description and a valid-from date for the change master. The screen Create Change Master: Object Types Screen appears.


6. Decide which object types are affected by the change you want to make. For these object types, set the indicator Object type active for change number (Act). For the object types that you want to maintain a management record for, set the Management record required for each object (Object) indicator.


7. Decide if you want the system to generate the object management records. If you do, set the Object management record generated (MgtRec.) indicator. If you want to decide on a case-to-case basis how the system is to generate management records, consider setting the Management record generated automatically only for new objects (Gen new) and Generation with dialog (GenDial) indicators.


Note: Always exit the SAP screen with the green (Back) button.