TIBETAN THANGKA ; 18th Century; Thangkas are portable religious paintings on cloth; 43" x 28"

This thangka depicts SAPTAKSARA, a less-known form of a major wrathful Esoteric Buddhist deity, CHAKRASAMVARA. Like Chakrasamvara, he has four-heads, three eyes; is multi-armed, blue in color (indicating that he does not diverge from the celestial Dharma-sphere), and embraces his consort VAJRAVARAHI (light blue in color) in a male-female union known as the yab-yum form. As a semi-wrathful female deity, she represents the transformation of passion and ignorance into compassion and wisdom and may be visualized as a solitary 'yidam' or in union with her consort. She is a principle mother-tantra deity. CHAKRASAMVARA holds attributes including  a thunderbolt scepter (vajra),  the ritual bell (ghanta), and damaru drum. which aid Buddhist practice, and others, such an axe, trident, magic staff , which destroy obstacles to enlightenment. Outside of his fiery halo, he is surrounded by other wrathful deities.