Left: TIBETAN ANTIQUE PRAYER WHEEL copper on carved handle: Originally this prayer wheel would have had a scroll inside with thousands of individual inscriptions, each a mantra (prayer) written in tiny letters. During countless rotations of the wheel, the mantra is repeatedly changed, and in this way, thousands or prayers are sent out, each calling for universal compassion for all living beings.
Middle: HAT FORM BASKET Bark and embroidery.
Left: ANTIQUE VAJRA-HANDLED TIBETAN TEMPLE BELL, bronze., one of two. Vajra (thunderbolt) symbolizes the powerfullness and clear light of enlightenment; and its sound reminds all of the immanence of nirvanic freedom. The Tibetan Vajra-Bell held by deities symbolizes wisdom. In the poetical language of Tibetan Tantra, the God's bell is wisdom itself.