Bratko Museum
of Oriental Art

Muzeu i Artit Oriental Bratko

Korçe, Albania


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Bratko Museum of Oriental Art
Shetitore Fan Noli
Lgj. 4
Korçë, Albania

Director of Bratko Museum: Jonilda Trebicka

Albania is on the Adriatic and Ionian seas, opposite Italy, which is to the west. You can fly to Albania's capitol city, Tirana, or you can reach Albania by water from Corfu, or by land from Greece. A travel agent familiar with travel in the Balkans can help find the best route for you.
The museum is located in Korçë, a city in the southeastern part of Albania, near the Greek border.

The Bratko Museum is open Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 2pm and by appointment. It is best to call ahead:

Vladimir Topi, Director of Cultural Center
Office phone: +355 (0) 824 4878

Tour Guides will have information.

NOTE: Museums in Albania are closed on Mondays.