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Joe Lazzaro is a freelance fact and fiction writer. He has written three non-fiction computer-related books, and hundreds of published magazine articles and product reviews. He has appeared in the New York Times, Time Life Access, Byte, Computer Shopper, MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum, Windows Magazine, and other publications. Joe has appeared on NPR, CNN, Art Bell's Coast to Coast, and other shows discussing topics like space settlement, artificial vision, universal design, and technology to assist persons with disabilities.

You can contact Joe by email Lazzaro@RCN.Com


"Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments, Second Edition" is Joe's newest book, and is a guide describing how to adapt Windows-based personal computers for individuals with disabilities. The book includes detailed explainations of numerous adaptive hardware and software systems to assist persons with disabilities, and spotlights over 250 products and vendors. The book also discusses accessibility utilities and keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix platforms. You can obtain the book in print or on CD-ROM from your local bookstore or from the American Library Association web site. ALA

Read a description of the book Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments

Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments, First Edition, describes how to adapt legacy Windows 3.1 and DOS-based personal computers for persons with disabilities, published by the American Library Association

Adapting PCs for Disabilities, published by Addison-Wesley, describes how to adapt legacy DOS-based computers for persons with disabilities. The book comes bundled with a CD-ROM that provides the complete text of the book in ASCII as well as dozens of demos of various assistive software programs. Adapting PCs for Disabilities


Joe is a frequent contributor for Processor Magazine, a solid source for new product news and information for computer professionals. Processor Magazine

Check out BYTE.COM for cutting-edge computer and information technology related articles. Byte.Com

Science Fiction

Ben Franklin's Spaceship , co-written by Joe Lazzaro and Peter L. Manly, appeared in the September, 1995 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine Analog Magazine

My fact article "More Than Halfway to Anywhere" appears in the March 2006 issue of Isaac Asimov Science Fiction Magazine Isaac Asimov SF Magazine

Absolute Magnitude science fiction & Fact magazine DNA Publications

Visit the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, a professional writers organization. SFWA

Assistive Technology Sites

EASI Equal Access to Software and Information, a group dedicated to assistive technology and universal access. EASI

AccessWorld, a publication of the American Foundation for the Blind that focuses on assistive technology for persons who are blind or visually impaired. AccessWorld

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind Adaptive Technology Program, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Recommended Web Sites

The ABLEDATA database is a searchable, nationwide source of information on tens of thousands of assistive technology products available from domestic and international sources ABLEDATA

The IBM Accessibility Center web site IBM

The Trace Research & Development Center provides information on assistive technology and Universal Design Trace Center

The Microsoft Accessibility site offers information on accessibility efforts at Microsoft, electronic documentation, and other useful links. Microsoft

The World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative offers extensive guidelines on creating accessible web sites and authoring tools. You can download their sets of guidelines at their web site W3 WAI

And for a whole range of disability resources and information, including articles, and links to other disability oriented sites, check out F. Alexander Brejcha's site Abrejcha Link

Below are links to three national organizations dedicated to empowering persons who are blind or visually impaired

The Association of Blind Citizens The National Federation of the Blind The American Council of the Blind

Have Joe Lazzaro motivate or educate your group or organization. presentations delivered to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts, Bryant College, Closing The Gap, and writers conferences.

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