2014 Contests

 My Fantasy Stable League:

Starts Jan. 4th

1.  URC residents may join with any (1) of their URC supported stable.

2.  Only 10 horses in that stable will be eligible for points. Horse does not have to be entered

immediately when submitting your stable, but must be posted before he/she runs to earn points.

3. Please post your 10 horses in the My Fantasy Stable thread on the message board.

4. Contest will run for entire year.

5. Points are as follows:

Finish G1 G2 G3 Stakes Alw Msw
1st 35 24 17 10 5 3
2nd 28 21 14 8 4 2
3rd 23 18 11 6 3 1

6. Stable with the most points wins

7. Prizes:

Winning Stable will receive 2000 Credits

Universal Madness

March Madness Tournament Bracket

Starts March 1st


1. Contest consists of the top 64 ranked URC stables in $ Earned as of Feb .

2. Stables will be broken into 4 Divisions, (Secretariat, Ruffian, Zenyatta, Seattle Slew) .

Top 16 $ earners in all 4 divisions.

(e.g. Secretariat Division will have the top 1-16 $ earners. The Ruffian Division will

have 17-32. Zenyatta 33-48, Seattle Slew 49-64)

3. Each stable nominates 3 horses for that week. They go head to head with the stable they are facing (opponents horses do not have to run in the same races).


10 points for a win
5 points for a second place finish
3 points for a third place finish
+ 1 point for every horse beaten in the race no matter what position your runner finishes in.

The two scores are put together and the highest scoring team moves on to the next round.


4. The stable who wins the Championship will receive 1000 Credits and the runner-up stable will get 500 credits.

Claiming Crown

Starts Jan. 4th

The URC Claiming Crown, is a series of eight races run under restricted allowance conditions, with a purse of $67,500. It is seen as a ‘’blue collar” Breeders' Cup series for claiming horses.

Any claiming horse owner can participate, subject to stipulated conditions.

1) The Claiming Crown is open to horses who have run in claiming races. Claiming races are the most common condition in Sim racing.

All horses in a claiming race are available for sale. For example, in a $35,000 “claimer”, all horses can be bought by any player for $35,000 and 70 BPs.

2) The Claiming Crown is a URC contest with the intention of providing a day for “working class” horses and their owners.

3) The Claiming Crown  will be held for the first time in 2013 at Pa.

4) Horses that have run for claiming prices from $7,500 to $150,000 after January 1st  are eligible to run in the Claiming Crown.

ALL horses entered need to still have a claiming tag for which race they are entered.


1000 credits to the trainer who wins the most races.


If there is a tie it will be split. jk


Starts Jan. 4th


Contest runs for 9 weeks, 2 races (holes) a week.

Players choose the horse they think do the best.


Odds 15.0 and under =  Eagle -2

Odds 15.1 and over   = Double Eagle -3

Scoring for 2nd = Birdie -1

Placed 3rd to 5th = Par 0

Placed 6th to 10th = Bogey 1

Placed 11th to 13th = Double Bogey 2

Placed 14th  =  Triple Bogey 3

No Pick = #N/A = Triple Bogey 3


Winner gets to choose a horse from URC Holding Stable

Diamond in the rough

Starts Jan. 4th


1. The objective of this contest is to claim a horse and race it in the highest level of performance possible.

(Horse has to be claimed in 2014)

2. Each resident may enter two claimers in this contest and run them out of any URC stable(s).

3. Stables can claim any horse. Please post your entry in the Diamond in the ruff thread.

4. Entries may race in any class of race, but only Saturday races will count for this contest.

5. Scoring will commence with the races of  Feb. 1st and end with the races of week June 28th.

6. Points will be awarded as follows:

7. The winner will be the Stable with the highest number of points at the end of the competition.

8. In the event of a tie, tie breakers will be wins, then places, then shows.

9. The following points will be awarded:

10 points for a win

7 points for a place

3 points for a show

1 point bonus for a Stakes/Allowance top 3 finish

1st - 1000 Credits
2nd - 500 Credits
3rd - 250 Credits

Universal Racing Contest

(Around the Universe)

Starts Jan. 4th



1. Each URC resident can enter one stable in this contest.

2. The objective of this contest is to win a race in each track from AZ to TUR in numeric sequence.

3. Contest starts Jan. and ends when a stable wins the 64th race (TUR).

4.More then one race can be won in one week, but wins can not be banked for future weeks (ie. if you win a race at AZ (1) and CA (3) the same week, the CA win does not count; but if you win a race in AZ(1) and BC(2) in the same week, both wins count.).
5. Wins in any class of race count (except for owner restricted). Only Saturday races will count for this contest.

6. In the event of ties, the prize will be equally divided.

7. It is the responsibility of the participating resident to post his/her wins in the Weekly Universal Racing Contest thread on the message board.

8. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st stable to complete the Around The Universe - 1000 Credits
2nd stable to complete the Around The Universe - 500 Credits
3rd stable to complete the Around The Universe - URC bred horse
4th stable to complete the Around The Universe - URC bred horse
5th stable to complete the Around The Universe - URC bred horse

Intermediate prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st stable to win at track 10 - 200 credits
1st stable to win at track 15 - 300 credits
1st stable to win at track 20 - 400 credits
1st stable to win at track 37 - 500 credits
1st stable to win at track 45 - 600 credits

Prizes will only be awarded to stables registered for this contest, and only if wins were recorded at all preceding tracks.

9. Questions can be asked on the Board.

 2yo Contest

Starts Feb 22nd


1 Contest is open to all URC residents. Each resident enters one horse. Horses may be changed the last week of each month. Points earned will be carried over. Replacement horses must be 2 years old.

2 Contest starts February 22nd and ends the last racing week of 2014. Horses will be scored once a month after the last week of racing in each month.

3 Horses must be 2 years old when nominated, and must be unraced when the contest starts. You may enter a colt or filly.

4 There are no restrictions on breeding - you can breed from scratch, breed with credits, breed a mare, or any other way you know of breeding. Entries will also be accepted from auction buys, stable transfers, and from new stables. The sole criteria is that the entry be unraced.

5 Horses will be awarded 6 points for a win, 4 points for a place, 3 points for a show, 2 points for a 4th, and 1 point for a 5th. All SATURDAY races at all tracks will count towards this contest. Other Owner Restricted and Track Restricted races will not count for this contest.

6 Ties will be broken on the basis of total wins; then by total places; then by total shows. If a tie still exists the game credits for those positions will be added together and divided by the number of tied horses.

7 If a horse changes owners through claim or auction activity it will no longer accumulate points for this contest. All points earned up to the time of change of ownership will count towards this contest.

8 If a trainer withdraws from URC Residency before the final week of this competition, the horse will be removed from the competition and all prize credits will be forfeited. New residents may join the contest at any time.

9 Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st place - 2000 CREDITS
2nd place - URC bred horse
3rd place - URC bred horse

Sons of.... Contest


1st time starters only 
Must be bred from a son of the required sire
(e.g. Son of Unbridled's Song - use Zensational as Sire)
I will do a post on each race a few weeks in advance.
1 starter per resident.
Final race is Stakes consisting of 1st and 2nd place finishers in any of the other races.
This year's sires
Storm Cat
Sadler's Wells
Derby Winners
Unbridled's Song
Travers Winners
Giant's Causeway
A. P. Indy
BC Turf Winners
Scoring 1st - 7 , 2nd - 5 , 3rd - 3 , 4th - 1
1st place in each race gets 500 credits, (600 if it is a scratch bred). 
And remember the top 2 finishers from each race can enter in the final stakes race (including the horses from the prior races).
Winner of that race will receive 1000 credits.

URC 10 Cent Bargain Series

Starts Jan. 4th


Restrictions are the sires must only be 10 BP or 10 Credits.
You can breed to retired mares so cost would be a total of 20, or scratch bred but the max would be 30 credits/BP for each horse.
You can breed as many 2 or 3 year olds that you want.
Contest runs through the end of this year
Please link your horse so I can track each pony on a weekly basis.

Now the important part...CREDITS

For each race you win, here are the credits you receive:

Maiden Claim-----10
Maiden Allow-----20

**hot races don't count**

Once the horse is claimed or sold, you can no longer receive credits.

This can be very profitable especially if you breed multiple horses. You win credits for each category for every race won, if your horse wins 3 graded races this year, you will win 750 credits. If you have 5 bargain breds that win 1 stake win each, you will win 500 credits.

At the end of the yr. we will have a 10 cent Bargain Championship. Residents will be able to enter 2 of their 10 cent bargains (if we have less than 10 residents participating).

Pyramid Contest

Starts week after last contest ends


Players select any horse each week to win at the level they are on.

There are 9 levels of competition.

Level 9. Graded Stakes

Level 8. Non graded Stakes

Level 7. Open Alw.

Level 6.Conditional Alw.

Level 5. Starter Alw

Level 4.Open Claim

Level 3. Conditional Claim

Level 2.  Msw

Level 1. Maiden Claim


The horse must be 3/1 odds or greater and the race must have at least 8 runners. If the horse wins you move up a level.


First one to the top of the Pyramid gets 1000 credits


Starts Jan. 4th


Round 1

The 1st leg of the series will be like the Sim 3 man contest. What your team is looking to achieve is a win in each of the 6 categories.

They will all be worth 1 pt. (no local, track restricted, "our own" bid races... ONLY "all sim" races will be allowed.

Conditioned nw2l or 3l races are fine, as long as they are not bought by us. Stakes count the same as graded races..If anyone has any questions, I'll answer and so we are clear going forward.

You get 1 pt for each condition "cleared".. 1 pt per "team" cleared condition. If you win 3 msw, only 1 pt..

Round 2

Team, Singles: Will be held 5 weeks later. It will involve 1 team member facing another team member from a different group (computer draw) . In other words, in round 2 lets say that Mrlucky and Tops are teammates.

Kim and Newmarket are teammates. By random draw, we'll say that Kim is facing Mrlucky. It is now the same goal and objective as week 1, but Kim's 2 stables are facing Mrlucky only 2 stables.

Which would mean that Newmarket is facing Tops. The scoring is different if both teams win a race, "ONLY" the higher one gets a point. If Mrlucky wins a MSW, he gets 1 pt.

If Mrlucky does not win a MSW race, he gets zero. If Kim wins a Msw with a 79 and Mrlucky wins with a 73, only Kim and Newmarket get the point. Etc, with the rest of the races. The scoring is added to the previous week 1 total that they had. All "wins" in each category is 1 pt.

Round 3 (Individual Comp) :

Will be held another 5 weeks later. Now it will be "team horses" Within your 2 combined stables, you will have to choose 1 horse that week to represent your team for each conditioned race. (If you cannot get in touch, pm, email or whatever, one person can make the decision for the team.

It can be altered, but only if by 11am USA Est. The same scoring applies, 1 pt for each conditioned race won. I have given 4 weeks in between, to breed, claim or whatever u need to do to get a winning conditioned horse in your stable.



Secret Santa

Starts Jan. 4th



All gift horses MUST be 2yo’s.

There are no restrictions as to how you breed or how much it costs.

Just make sure that you breed a horse that you would like to have for yourself.

Remember that if it does well, you could easily walk away with a URC stable full of 4000 BPs to breed from.

Since transfers are so easy, you can transfer the horse you breed to your secret person’s stable late

Christmas Eve or Early Christmas morning.

A few notes about the contest:

You can race your Christmas gift horse anytime beginning on New Year’s Day.

You can race it as many times as you wish for the duration of the contest. The last day of the contest will be Dec 27th 2014.

You may race on any day of the week. I will check and post stats every (yes, every) Sunday.

Prizes are the same for the breeder and trainer –

Points will be awarded as follows:

Finish    MSW ALW STKS G3 G2 G1
1ST 3 5 10 17 24 35
2ND 2 4 8 14 21 28
3RD 1 3 6 11 18 25

Tie breaker would be based on money won.



Winning trainer and Breeder will both get a stable of 4000 BPs each.

If there are any questions, please let me know ASAP. Thanks

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